Zero Gravity Portraits

As a photographer I love to shoot dancers, they have a particular inner passion and understanding of how their body works, trained to manipulate their bodies in such ways others can’t. Dancers create movements the human eye usually misses, but photography enables capturing it, freezing a moment in time.

I’m interested in adding another dimension to my photography, materials that can be manipulated and will flow with the dancer’s movement, when captured creating a unique frame that can’t be replicated and does not exist in time, only in the photograph.

The first prop I chose was several ropes, another material that can be moulded and entangled, creating unique unpredictable shapes when airborne. The ropes were a metaphor for the female dancers: strong and powerful.

I selected the setting to be the studio with a plain white backdrop, nothing spectacular as not to detract from the body and the airborne sculptures.

Keena_3Keena_2 Keena_1

For the second prop, I selected a ream of satin; soft and elegant, which came to life when airborne around the dancer creating sculpted dimensions frozen by photography entwined with the dancer’s body.

Alex_1 Alex_2 Alex_3 Alex_4



Dance Studio Portraits.

Back in the Castellar Studios Sevilla, I met another lovely girl who was more than happy to welcome me into her practice space, and share her passion for flamenco. She was extremely talented and photographing her was so easy, as unlike most people faced with my camera, they feel uncomfortable and immediately change there mannerisms, she looked like she’d forgotten I was there and oozed with confidence and grace. At only 19 years old, she began her training from when she was a young girl. She told me she was creating, what- I didn’t know, but she was mesmerising to watch, absorbed in her own world.

Refelction_@Dancer_Spirit2  Reflection_4Dancer_spirit  Photos-on-the-wallReflection_3  Reflection_5 Reflection_6 Reflection