Flying or Falling?


Dancer: Sergio Giacomelli

Photography: Jenny Swerdlow


An Afternoon With Carmen Maria Tort Oviedo.

On my recent trip to Sevilla, I met a wonderful dancer in the Castelar studios. She invited me to join her in the studio where she was practicing for an upcoming show. At 28, Carmen moved from Mexico to Sevilla to follow her love for flamenco and work in Spain. Her work oozes with passion and emotion along with a great technique, something that personally draws me to flamenco and that made Carmen such a fantastic dancer.

She kindly let me photograph her rehearsals in a small studio she rents, along with her friends accompanying her with guitar and supplying the beat with an unusual soundbox/drum, also very important parts of the performance.

Carmen_Tort_12Carmen_Tort_4Carmen_Tort_3 Carmen_Tort_6 Carmen_Tort_7 Carmen_Tort_8 Carmen_Tort_9 Carmen_Tort_10  Carmen_Tort_13


The Start Of My Flamenco Journey.

Since coming to Spain, and watching my first Flamenco show, I have been fixated on this beautiful art form. The passion and energy emitted from each dancer, the lively music and spirit enticed me, and made me want to photograph it.

Some Spaniards see Flamenco as not just a dance, it’s a way of life for them. I really want to travel to Andalusia (southern Spain) where it all began, and meet the people who consider the Flamenco a major part of their life.

I am starting by going round the cafes of Madrid which offer Flamenco performances, more popular amongst the tourists, but by no means does this make it any less special. Each performer has a certain fire and passion within them, and I want to capture this.

First stop Tablao Las Carboneras. Madrid.

Flamenco-Dancer2 dancer-edit2Flamenco-Jenny-SwerdlowFlamenco-Jenny-Swerdlow4Flamenco-JennySwerdlow2 Flamenco-SwerdlowFlamenco-JS


Photography by Jenny Swerdlow.