Continuing Up The West Coast Of Turkey, And Discovering Chios.

I continued traveling up the west coast of Turkey, and stopped off at Ephesus in Selçuk, an ancient 10th century (BC) Roman city. The most impressive monument of the archeological site was the Library of Celsus, with the front well restored, it was easy to see it in all of it’s beauty.

Ephesus_1 Ephesus_3


I headed up to Cesme, and decided to go to the Greek island Chios. It was only a 25 minute ferry ride, and it was crazy how much had changed from being in Turkey. Going from a muslim country to Greece, members of the catholic church, everything was completely different. Chios was peaceful and charming, and walking off the beaten track exploring the quiet side streets surrounded by mountains, was a refreshing breather from how chaotic I was finding my time in Turkey.

Greece_1 Greece_2 Greece_3 Greece_4 Greece_5 Greece_6