Conceptual Portraits.

Throughout the research process for my Final Major project at University, I keep returning to admire the work of Kyle Thompson.

I love his style, so moody, pensive and unique, each shot perfectly lit and composed with clever editing. Most of his images are untitled and don’t include an explanation, left up to the viewer to ponder and construct it’s narrative.

44472-2615436-7482303490_70b6b3d10d_c 44472-2615446-8072120143_a5bd580e55_b 44472-2615447-8104171355_719750e6c0_c 44472-2615452-8152129047_c68fc1706f_c 44472-3783673-8465739559_9e4cdcd43d_o 44472-4762275-armsdarker 44472-7156806-_MG_6604

Images taken from artists’ personal website.


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