First Stop, Bodrum.

Finally getting round to blogging my travels from this summer.

First stop was Bodrum on the south west coast of Turkey. Turkey was a really spontaneous trip, I made lots of Turkish friends on my year abroad who loved their country so much, they made it sound amazing, so I had to see what I was missing.  I found the cheapest flight I could for July on easyjet, and ended up in Bodrum.

The town of Bodrum was so incredibly touristy, the shops were full of the generic holiday tat, prices were in Euros, not Turkish Lira (making things more expensive) and everybody was speaking English EVERYWHERE!

So I took refuge by the sea. It definitely redeemed itself; I have never seen such beautiful clear blue waters, obviously coming from the UK, i’m used to muddy grey sea and skies for my local beach trips. But this was stunning.



No filter/editing/anything necessary!

Bodrum_1 Bodrum_2 Bodrum_3

‘Camel Beach’ about 45 minutes bus ride out of Bodrum. Yes there were only two camels, and it was 15 Lira for a 4 minute ride around the car park. Poor Camels!

Bodrum_4 Bodrum_5



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