The Photo Bus.

Photography enthusiasts Oliver Sharpe and Sean Carroll have just started their own ongoing photography road trip ‘The phobus‘, searching out interesting photographers in the UK to meet and interview.


Episode two features Robbie Cooper, creator of the Immersion project. The project looks at how the children of today are completely immersed in technology, the TV/computer screen being a big part of their lives. Children are playing less outside socialising with friends and interacting more with characters and people who don’t exist, locked away in their bedrooms by themselves. To watch Robbie Cooper’s video ‘Immersion’ click here.

In the Phobus interview Cooper talks about his Immersion project and the interesting new direction the project is taking. He gives away a cheeky top tip and talks about the ownership of photography ‘You can’t protect an idea, but you can protect the expression of an idea.’


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