Layout and Presentation.

After a few lectures during our Picbod module explaining different artefacts and ways we can exhibit our work, I decided this set would work best printed and framed.

I chose eight frames, all made from dark brown wood, some with a small gold rim I had found in various charity shops. They’re all a variety of shapes and sizes and some are more worn than others, but still hold a certain charm. I decided on the vintage wooden frames due to the classical nature of the images. They were taken in a beautiful¬†theatre- The English National Opera House, where their first productions were staged in the 1880s. I wanted to give the viewer a small insight into the theatre there I sat, grand and stunning, but with a classical feel, and the beauty that remains through the ages.

I played around with the layout of my images with small printouts, but wanted a better feel for the presentation, so I made a mock up of how my exhibition space will look on Photoshop.

Picbod exhibit layout


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