Picbod Exhibition.

Second year BA Photography students from Coventry University have been working really had this term in planning and running their own exhibition.

We’ve all enjoyed this module so much we wanted to give it a proper send off. 30 students will be exhibiting their final submissions for ‘Picturing The Body’ at Fargo Village (Far Gosford Street) Coventry. The course we took part in at University was an ‘open course’ which meant everyone from around the world could listen to our lectures, guest speakers and take part in the weekly tasks on our Google+ Community. Our lecturer Matt Johnston, and members of the Picbod Coventry class would give feedback and critique to the remote students work, and they’d give us feedback on our work.



Señoruca by Ana Martin. (Task 4: Negotiation) See more of Ana’s work here

Some stunning work has been produced by the students participating from around the world, we’re all so excited by the nature of our open course, and the buzz of the online community, we want to share this with everybody, and include their work in our exhibition.

One of my favourites ‘Nude and Naked- Literally’ by Michael Krueger.

20130129_PICBOD-Triptych1 20130129_PICBOD-Triptych2

See more of Michael’s fantastic work here.

The exhibition’s opening night will be on Friday the 8th of March starting at 6pm, and will run all Saturday.

Its open to anyone and everyone, and the admission is free! There’ll be a bar, and we’ll be giving out free drinks, come down, it’s going to be a great event.

picbod flyer


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