Picbod Task 5. The Empowered Portrait.

This weeks task was a collaboration. After having a wonderful talk by Anthony Luvera, (you can listen here too) he showed us how he empowers the sitter through his collaborative portraits. They often pick a location together, Luvera gives them a cable release so they can press the shutter when they are completely comfortable, and lets the sitter look through the images as they together choose the ones that work best. 

We were to explore the power relationship between the photographer and the subject, without taking charge, but empowering the subject representing them the way they intend. 

I chose to work with my friend Lauren this week. Like me, she too has an interest in fashion photography and liked to try modelling. On the shoot we made decisions together, location, make-up, hair and what look we were going for. We brought an array of different clothing and Lauren decided she wanted to do an edgy shoot instead of a typically pretty one, and chose her outfit. The composition of the photography was up to me, but she suggested things and unlike a natural portrait, she performed as a model would for the camera. We chose the images together and settled on two where I captured a patch of sunlight falling onto her face. We wanted to convert the photographs to black and white to convey our theme.





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