Facebook. ‘Take a picture, tag me!’

When I started the online profile, I was in my third year at high school (around 2007) and went on it about twice a week. I didn’t really know how to use it or see the point of it, just all the kids in my year seemed to be getting it, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I only had a few photos and online friends, but soon all the kids in my year were adding me, and  people I didn’t know, or had never spoken to were wanting to be my online ‘friend.’ I remember at this time wondering why these people cared to be my ‘friend’ when they had never made the effort in real life to ever acknowledge or speak to me at school.Add as Friend

The camera craze started with people wanting to add a few photos of them and their friends to their profiles. I started noticing people taking more and more photographs all the time, by the time I’d got to my 5th year of high school (2009) I noticed every party we’d go to most people would bring their camera to every event, not just taking a few of them and their friends to print, frame or whatever, it became a documentation of people’s nights out, and uploading them the next morning to Facebook to show the world and to re live the ‘amazing night they had last night.’

Around sixth form (2010/2011) when we were going to 18th birthday parties every weekend it became a standard procedure for every girl to spend the first half of the night taking posy photographs with everyone they knew in college, to upload to Facebook to show the world how many friends they had. As the night went on and people would get progressively drunker, people would play up to the girls who became the photographers for the night, and do stupid ‘crazy’ things for the camera to show how crazy they were on Facebook. I’d always think to myself, would you really be dancing on the tables, getting naked or be drinking from your bottle of wine in the bath if there wasn’t a camera around to record how ‘mad’ you were? It got to the point where if I hadn’t have new photos uploaded of me to Facebook people would think I hadn’t been out in a while and think I was boring or unpopular. It was slowly drilled into us from a few years back and thats how we lived online.

You don’t know who can access your profile, if you think only your friends will be able to see your photos then you’re wrong, where there’s a will there’s a way.

531884_392984900780041_1164672949_n 537169_10151224127392215_1690661841_n 69398_388769257868272_2143270511_n

Just some photos I have stolen of a Facebook friend. I hope she won’t mind too much, but anyone could be saving and using photos of her, after all legally Facebook owns her photos. Would she really want her boss to see these images?

Facebook has evolved into a bragging network for those to display their buzzing social life and a life and a place where your business is everybody’s business.



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