#Picbod Week 3: Nude and Naked.

The task.

“Building on the session workshops you should explore notions of Nude and Naked through your work. You should make at least one study of yourself and another of someone else. You will need to bring your experiences from task one and two to bear as you explore the dynamics of vulnerability vis a vis yourself, the subject and ultimately the viewer.

You should spend time observing the context for your subject. You should look for and work with the different types of light, tone and colour, both in terms of your location context and the effects they have on your subject and the subsequent photographic artefact.”

My response. 

Developing from this weeks life drawing session, ‘soaking up the subject’ became a good point to start. I took my model into the studio and wanted to emphasise the light and shadow the body created. I decided to use film for this task, but with working on medium format film at four pounds for ten frames, I wanted to make sure every image was carefully thought out from where I positioned the lighting to how I composed my shots, as not to waste any. Usually when we use digital, we’re constantly thinking of how we can always photoshop it afterwards if it doesn’t look right, or keep checking the display after each shot. I think its an important skill to pre-visualise and to work to get it right in camera spending time studying our subjects. 

These images are selenium coated and sepia toned prints, scanned into the computer. 




To join in with our Picturing the Body open online class click here. 


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