#Picbod Task 2.

The task. 

Creative Workshop 2: The Tribe

“To photograph from the inside. Photograph as Nan Goldin says ‘Your Tribe’. Study someone you are close to and make images with them of an intimate nature.

Bear in mind your own vulnerabilities from the first task when you begin this new photographic relationship and ensure you are completely competent technically so you can focus on the making of images without being distracted by other details.”

I struggled a bit when starting this task, I dont live close to any family members here in Coventry, ultimately I’d like to photograph them. It seemed like everyone was making beautiful, intimate images with their boyfriend’s/girlfriends, and I felt stuck as to who I was close enough to photograph having ‘intimate nature’ in mind.

I was thinking too much into it, so decided to photograph my friend Paige. I haven’t know Paige long, but she’s one of those people you meet, that you instantly click with. We share the same sense of humour interests and even dress very similarly, it’s weird!

We were together one night, neither us were at our happiest, but when I saw her I cheered right up. I couldn’t get any funny pictures of her as we were both laughing most of the time which resulted in very bad blurry images.

Paige says she doesn’t like having her photo taken, but felt comfortable with me around. I gave her a prop to hold and talk about, which happened to be her ukulele; her boyfriend bought it her for Christmas, and she named it Ukie (she’s cute like that). Although she may look like a pro, don’t be fooled- she doesn’t actually know how to play it, she’s using the ‘I’m too busy at the moment’ excuse. So I guess it will just remain a toy we’ll get out now and then and pretend we’re in Mumford and Sons.

Paige Montage




As far as the edit goes, Paige is a fashion student and loves everything Vintage (she won’t like me calling her a hipster, so I won’t…haha) so I wanted to change the colours to give it a vintage feel.



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