As Digital Media Rises, Another Falls.

It’s like a butterfly effect, as the Internet becomes more and more powerful, we all seem to suffer.

With the rapid rise of illegal downloading/streaming music, films and TV shows, it was only foreseeable that HMV wouldn’t last long. After 91 years of business HMV has gone into administration, will we miss it? I can’t say that I will, after all I can’t remember the time I last went in the store, let alone buying a CD. But as a result of the popularity of listening to music and watching films on the ‘net, another 4500 jobs are at risk, just waiting to be added to the high percentage unemployed in Britain.

Its safe to say the physical artefact is slowly becoming a rarity, why would we want 100 CDs when our iPods can hold 160 GB of data? But we can’t look back at our CD collection, our beloved classics and our more shameful purchases, and recollect the memories associated to playing those records. Although I am a digital inhabitant, I still love digging out my old Ronan Keating, Good Charlotte and S Club 7 CDs I had forgotten about, each taking me back to a period of my childhood, where I had changed, my music taste changed with me.

It seems not everyone is so keen to move on with the transforming Digital age as far as music is concerned, as there will always be those who long for the physical artefact.




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