Oxfam Changing Approach To Fundraising.

“Oxfam has it right, it’s time for aid organisations to see Africa differently

We need to move past the stereotypical images of poverty and helplessness.

The conundrum for Oxfam and others looks a bit like this: “if images of starving babies produce a strong emotional reaction, and therefore strong financial and political support, how are we going to show that we’re making progress? People won’t keep donating if they think nothing has changed – but we know this recipe seems to work.”


The negative connotations that come with the term “Africa” are something that many people working on global poverty have been frustrated by for a while.

People feel they’ve been giving money for a generation now but not much appears to have changed”

Article by Jonathan Tanner for The Independent 

Read in full: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/oxfam-has-it-right-its-time-for-aid-organisations-to-see-africa-differently-8437261.html


2 thoughts on “Oxfam Changing Approach To Fundraising.

  1. Agree with this view and if you want to see the power of taking a more positive view in the townships take a look at the short videoclip with Lenny Henry about Warwick in Africa at http://www.warwick.ac.uk/go/warwickinafrica a £30k start up in 2006 which has now raised over £1.3m and benefited over 120,000 township youngsters with dramatically improved Maths and English teaching. As you will see in the videoclip a focus on the positive is having a major impact on morale, ambition and performance.

    1. Just had a look, such a fantastic video. Yes, people are more likely to give if theres proof that their donation can actually start to make a difference! Rather than seeing age old footage of children starving to death in Africa.

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