Jeffery Stockbridge is a Photographer from Philadelphia. He has been photographing and recoding the stories of the homeless on the streets of Kensington since 2008. The project bring to light the harsh realities and dangers of living on the streets. Stockbridge says he has found that the people of Kensington are eager to share their stories. “The people I photograph are not trying to hide anything,” he says. “They know that everyone looking at them knows what they’re doing, whether they’re working as a prostitute or they’re selling drugs or they’re an addict.” And in the years he has been photographing them, Stockbridge has become much more comfortable on the Avenue—and the Avenue has become comfortable with him. People approach him when he shows up with a camera. “They usually ask me if I can take their picture too,” he says, “and say, ‘well, I got a story too.’”


His work is a fantastic example of site specific (a theme for my project) pairing a single image with an audio recording, works really well as a means of story telling without over complicating the two mediums.


Tanya, 2010.

Tanya sits on the steps of the El Train at Kensington and Somerset.

Audio Transcription

Tanya: Uh, I escorted since I was 18 years old with a, uh, like an agency. Um, I only been out here for about a month… on the streets. Um, but, all together, I’m 25 now. So, 18 to 25, you know, I been doing this for, like, um… a couple, a lot of years.

$181.00 for food stamps, you know? It’s like… you know. So, once all that’s gone, you know, I gotta come out here and make as much money as I can, and I don’t like doing this, like, you know, this, like, I don’t like being on the street if I’m not on Xanies, you know, because, if, like, I’m… I’m more, like, not that, that, that, that afraid, if you know what I mean… to do it. You…

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