Working With Image and Text.

Thinking of how to display my images, I wanted to work with the poetry I found on the Kairos website with suggestive imagery or the women of the night, almost like the sitter in the portrait was telling their story. I am testing different ways I can use this poetry.

For these images, I used the last paragraph of the poem ‘Stereotypes.’ (blogged about previously) I feel this verse has the most impact on me; how we can so easily make a bad decision, fall off track or have inhumane things happen to us, it could see easily be me or you in this dreadful situation, some things we just cannot control.

The colour red is associated with prostitution and the infamous ‘Red Light District’ of Amsterdam. It evokes fear and danger.

I picked out one word for each line of the poem (Like the work of Tony Arefin- previously blogged about)  that would have the most impact on the viewer, but if you read the whole text the word manipulates how the image is viewed.


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