First Shoot.

For my core project, I’ve had a few different ideas as to which direction I want to take it. Initially I wanted to get into the charity to help with their mission, and maybe get to meet the prostitutes, and take my approach from there. But with many unanswered calls, emails, and even going to the church centre to visit the organisation, it was closed both days; I began to wonder if the charity was even still running. The receptionist from the main building informed me that the charity was still active, and gave me some new contact details. I am going to try again to contact them and see if I get any luck.

I decided to start the project with shooting through some ideas. I got a model to go to the streets of Hillfields and stand on the streets like the prostitutes would. She instantly felt vulnerable with her body half exposed, and became very self-conscious of people watching and judging her. I guess the sex workers have far worse feelings the first night they stand out on the streets, full of fear of as to whom they might come across, and the dangers they may face.

These photographs keep the sex worker almost anonymous, and don’t reveal too much of her identity. As day-to-day they are dodging the law, and the police are constantly on their trail.

The images convey sadness, but at the same time strength. Being caught in the sex indistry must require an inner strength to keep going day-to-day, being mistreated, physically abused and treated as an object.


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