Rebecca Mott.

After doing research into prostitution, I can no longer turn a blind eye as to the horrors of what goes on. People’s attitudes need to change as how they improperly view these vulnerable women.

I have come across a detailed blog Witten by Rebecca Mott, a former sex worker and victim of child abuse. She tells of her shocking and horrific experiences, raising awareness, but at the same time giving hope to those still trapped in the profession, as she did what seems for most women in prostitution ‘the impossible.’

Text from Rebecca Mott’s speech on the; What’s wrong with prostitution?” panel at feminism in London 2009.

“Exiting is a lifetime journey, not a destination. I exited because I was slowly learnt to care about wanting to live, and once that seed is planted into your head, prostitution becomes unbearable.

As an exited prostituted woman, I have often felt incredibly let down by feminists choosing to ignore the mental, the sexual and the physical torturing that is prostitution. All talk of abolition as an long-term plan is blocked out.

If feminism is serious about tackling male violence, it must listen and hear the voices of exited prostituted women.

After all, these are women have been raped on an industrial scale. They have known of sexual torture, they know the lies that men tell to make their violence invisible. They know what it is to live with violence so long that they had to lose all feelings.”

Read the full text here.


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