People Watching.

In reflection to the mornings lecture, we were given a task to sit by ourselves for half an hour in a public place, and observe people.

I decided to go to my University Hub building, and sit in a window looking down onto the square. The square was bustling with people travelling to and from their lectures, people sat waiting, or hanging out with friends, unaware they were being watched. I felt like I was doing something wrong at first, but after a while people started to interest me.  Watching the people walking around consumed in their everyday routine, the only people sat down looked to be waiting for someone or something. I couldn’t spot anyone just sat alone without being on their phones, or listening to their iPods. Then I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I just stopped for a bit to sit and think. I always feel the need to be sat with my iPod in or texting, either that or I care what people think.

How often do we take the time out of our busy lives to just sit by ourselves and take a look around? We’re all so consumed by our own lives and problems.

Is it OK to just sit alone in a crowded place, no phones no contact with anyone? We belong to a culture where we are so used to being constantly stimulated, that once we stop for a few minutes will we become bored or lonely?


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