Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Current Exhibition.

Tony Arefin

Arefin was one of the most prominent figures of the graphic design world in the 1980s- Rick Poynor described him as ‘single-handedly processing the print needs of the entire British art scene.’

He cleverly works with striking typography and often combines it with photography with such precise composition, mostly to convey a message. This particular work in his gallery stood out for me the most.

The theme is to promote safe sex amongst youths, Arefin uses with quotes (supposedly from the teenagers pictured) such as; “Condoms are cheap, If we’d have used one I wouldn’t have to tell my parents I’m pregnant.” He picks out a word as a striking way of highlighting the thoughts and feelings in this particular issue of teenage pregnancy.

Playing around with photography and text is something you can get completely wrong, a lot can be learnt from looking at the work of others, this is something I’d like to become good at during my studies at University.


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