England ’till I Die.

Exhibition: England ’till I die by Adrian Barber at The Bolton Museum.
In this body of work, Barber gives us an insight into the small community of Johnson Fold, a council estate in Bolton. The project was undergone during the world cup and named after a t-shirt Barber had seen a child wearing around the streets.
The photographs highlight the patriotism and the sense of such a close-knit community in Johnson Fold, as they come together over the football. The project being about the preconceptions of the stereotypes that come from the council estates, the diversity of people who live there, and most of all being proud of the place in which they live. 

The exhibition is a series of gritty fly on the wall images of the residents of the estate during the world cup.

Barber cleverly combines music with audio from the places he was in whilst taking the photos, it gives the viewer a sense of realism to the images to make you feel like you’re in the same room, watching the same game.


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