Work Experience at the Lancashire Telegraph: Day 4.

Today I decided to take the initiative to complete a job or two by myself. In the morning I greeted the Accrington councillor Peter Britcliffe, he expressed his annoyance as he told me about the construction site cutting through the moors to build a wind farm, ruining the beautiful landscapes. Also the company building the wind farm have built a three mile fence sectioning off the land, with the bosses at Energiekontor telling walkers to ‘keep off the moors.’

In the afternoon I met the members of the Shear Brow Community Association at the East Lancashire Hospice. They had raised the sum of £568.86 at a Jubilee street party to donate to the charity. I was to photograph them with the cheque.

When I returned back to the office Tim Bradley gave me some tips and advice as to how to compose and arrange people for a more interesting photograph. He explained how using a wide-angle lens could have added a little more depth to the cheque presentation photographed. He showed me a few techniques for using a wide angled lens. (We didn’t have a flash so my images are a little blurred.)


2 thoughts on “Work Experience at the Lancashire Telegraph: Day 4.

  1. Just a couple of pointers. Britcliffe is an Accrington Councillor. I know because I live in Accrington.
    It is Shear Brow in Blackburn. Good blog.

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