Work Experience at the Lancashire Telegraph: Day 3.

Today I was working with Jade Doherty, a photographer at the Lancashire Telegraph. In the morning we went to St Thomas Primary School in Blackburn where children aged 10-11 had built a robot out of Lego, and represent the UK in the finals of the First Lego League Open European Championship in Mannheim, Germany.

The evening before the age UK office in Blackburn had been burgled with 11 laptops, charity boxes and uniforms stolen; possibly to create charity fraud which is a worry for the charity and the theft will set the charity back a considerable amount.

Age UK’s Pauline Walsh inspects the damage.

In the afternoon we travelled with sports reporter Suzanne Geldard to Fleetwood to interview and photograph Micky Mellon, former Burnley player who has now been appointed the new manager of Fleetwood Town FC. He was very friendly and easy to photograph, as he chatted to the reporter about his past and his plans for the club. It was a unique experience being able to shoot for the telegraph at the Fleetwood stadium, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. With the help of the photographers, I couldn’t believe how much I had learned already, and it was only the third day.


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