Final Task.

For my final idea I wanted to stick with my dance photography, taking the dancer out of their usual environment, putting them in a completely different situation to see how they would react and adapt to it.

I decided to put my dancers underwater after looking at the stunning photography of Emma Critchley.  I wanted to recreate the feeling of being free and uplifted, in the depths of the water.

The water brought out the contemporary element I was searching for, as soon as the girls were submerged, the movement slowed allowing for a fluid and continuous dance style; with every movement clear and defined. I captured moments of peace and tranquillity as I watched the dance underwater, the girls would close their eyes as the water would take control of their limbs allowing them to float under the surface.

I have never tried photography underwater before, I found it extremely challenging and difficult. I found it hard to submerge myself whilst trying to hold my breath, trying to see through my murky goggles and then the viewfinder to compose a photograph. I came across problems with my compact Nikon Coolpix camera, as when I pressed the shutter there would be a delay long enough for me to have missed the desired shot. I had to then pre visualise with my directions, and anticipate what the movement would progress into. I feel I did the best I could with what I had, and I enjoyed the completely new experience and way of photographing.


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