Final Images.

Here I have chosen my favourite final images with the help of my tutors to edit my selection to the ones which work the best.


8 thoughts on “Final Images.

  1. Jenny I’ve alway wanted to take underwater photographs. You’ve done really well in doing so if this is your first experience of it. Maybe you could show me sometime?

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I am also a Coventry Student, and got told about your project.
    I am doing an underwater shoot this thursday, and was wondering if you could share some tips?
    Did you use a compact camera? or an SLR in a waterproof casing?
    Thank you

    Jennifer S

    1. Hey! I would meet you at uni for a chat, but I’m on my year abroad! I got an underwater case from amazon for my compact camera, I wanted to use an SLR, but the loan shop does not allow you to take their stuff underwater, and the casing costs about twice as much as the camera!
      It was a lot trickier than I thought, and the problem with a compact camera is the slowness of the shutter speed, especially as I was doing dance underwater, I had to work on holding my breath, composing the image and pressing the shutter a few seconds before anticipating the movement, cause I kept missing it.
      i did hire lights from the loan shop, and the people at the pool let me use them, i had two assistants but on the day the lights never worked, I was so annoyed, so instead I had to use the flash on the compact camera. You could try lighting from above too.
      Good luck though! Let me know how it goes, send a link to your blog here :)

      1. I have an underwater olympus compact camera that I plan on using. I am thinking about taking out the lighting from media loan. However I have figured that because I have no way to trigger the flash using a compact camera that only the lamp setting would be of any use. I am debating weather or not to try an waterproof video light and other LED lights to take under water with me. Do you think this approach would work? I will send you a link to my blog when I have done the shoot, any feedback would be great. Thank you

      2. Yeah you’re right, I guess the outside lighting wouldn’t really make much difference underwater, cause it’ll be dark. If your olympus camera has a flash thats a good bet, but the flash will make your image a bit flat. If you can get any underwater lights, go for it, but I don’t really know much about waterproof lighting.
        On britain’s next top model they do an underwater shoot each year, I enjoy watching those episodes/ Maybe youtube it for a bit of a behind the scenes know how.
        Yeah no problem :)

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