Emma Critchley: Underwater Portraits

“Being in water immediately engages us with the present. The silky fluid that contains and cocoons us awakens the surfaces of our bodies. Boundaries are transcended as the connection between self and environment appears seamless and indivisible. Expansiveness offers itself immediately.”

“I’m interested in the way water changes the relationship we have with our bodies, the way we see and hear things, and the difference in gravity.”

Emma Critchley. The Guardian 

Emma Critchley is an experienced and extremely talented professional underwater photographer. In 2004 she won the coveted AOP Student Photographer of the Year Award. In the same year Emma was also shortlisted for the prestigious Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize. Emma’s photographic work has appeared in a range of media articles, including the front cover of ‘Image’ magazine and also recently exhibited in The National Portrait Gallery.

Emma studied Art & Design (Distinction) at De Montford Univeristy and Photography (First) at the University of Brighton. Having learnt to dive in Fiji and whilst studying she worked in Marine Conservation for Operation Wallacea in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Recently she completed her PADI Dive Master Course in the British Virgin Islands.

Urchin Rock.com

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