Exhibition Review: Salford Art Gallery.

David Dunnico: Big Brother is Watching You. Exhibiting from the 17th March- 1st of July.

Dunnico is a Manchester based Photographer who brings to attention how we as a society have just come to accept the constant CCTV surveillance we are under. On average we are recorded 300 times a day by cameras whether we like it or not. George Orwell’s predictions in ‘1984’ that we are all being watched by ‘Big Brother.’ His book was published in 1945 and it is still scarily relevant to our lives today as our technology advances and our privacy is invaded on more and more levels. Things like Facebook, we publicly share our conversations on our ‘walls’ for our whole friends list to see, but if someone from this list hacked our phone calls and listened into a conversation between us and a friend, that would be wrong, no? With the new map feature on Facebook, you can click on anyone’s timeline and it shows pinpoints on a map as to where Facebook has tracked where you’ve been all over the country, It knows where you live, and your favourite clubs, cinemas and shopping centres, where you attend school/work/University, and even where you go on holiday. If this is acceptable, is it OK to follow someone to their favourite places, or to know all this information without knowing them personally? Applications like Facebook, Google maps, Twitter and CCTV cameras have made stalking acceptable in day to day life.

Dunnico’s collection are strong black and white images which comment humorously on CCTV cameras. They are all cleverly composed with relevant graphics, to accompany his message to raise awareness of how the government watching our every move has gone too far.

“When no-one was looking, we became the most watched country on earth.”

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One thought on “Exhibition Review: Salford Art Gallery.

  1. Thank you very much for mentioning my exhibition, I’m glad you found it interesting.
    I think one point that I would make is that much of this surveillance is actually done by the private sector, particularly retail, rather than the government. It’s more a case of Tesco watching than Big Brother and if anything that’s probably more worrying.

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