Photo-montage. Spirit of Dance.

Since Being introduced to Photoshop earlier this year, I have learnt some interesting skills. For my current Human presence portraits task, I wanted to create a movement piece inspired by Chris Nash, and how he cleverly uses Photoshop to make his photos unique and different to other dance photographers. I am interested by the fast shutter speeds capturing a split second of movement that the eye would easily miss, dance photography prompts questions from the viewer, asking ‘where the movement came from’ and ‘where will it end?’ as dance is always continuous.

I had my model dance along a path in the woods as I set my camera to multiple  exposures, I captured many different frames in her moving sequence, when flicking through the photographs on the screen she would appear to be dancing across it.

I wanted to create a Photo-montage, showing where the movement began, the shapes the dancer created after the first frame and an insight into what came next, but to also leave an impression that the dancer continues out of the frame.


2 thoughts on “Photo-montage. Spirit of Dance.

  1. First, show this to everyone you know. Second, publicise it; get Jonathan or Matt to help you with this because both photographs are fantastic. I am sure a lot of people will think so too.

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