Studio Notes.

For our current module ‘Working With Light’ we are learning about lighting and using the studio. Here are some of the notes taken during the first sessions.

The bigger the light source = Fewer shadows

The smaller the light source = More shadows

Creating bigger and smaller light sources:

An umbrella can be fully opened to create a large light source and closed around the light to create a smaller one. Placing a white cloth in front of the light can diffuse the light making it larger, such as the cloth on the front of the box or a white reflector. To make the light even larger it can be bounced off any large reflective surfaces, such as a white wall.

For a softer light source, the softbox diffuses the light. (Large light source, less shadows)

When working with a flash, set the shutter speeds to 125 or less.

You get more control of the light when using a flash. Modelling lamps don’t give much light.

Always use a lightmeter!

Zone image

Zone system
0= Black

10= White

5= Average grey

1 & 9- No detail, but difference from zones 0 & 10
8 & 2- First time seeing information.

A stop of light means letting in twice as much light.

f2 – f2.8 – f4 – f5.6 – f8 – f11 – f16 – f22

Just like the zone system, these numbers represent stops of light, eg: f4 lets in twice as much light as f5.6, which in turn, lets in twice as much light as f8.

Here are a few practice studio portraits…

We then were given a task to go out of the studio and to take the lights into the corridor, and to have two subjects walking down the corridor lit correctly.

The next task given was to get a red glow onto the model’s face. We changed the direction of the light to face the red wall, projecting the colour onto the subject. It took a few attempts, but we kind of got there in the end.

Travel Pack
This is for shoots on location (or for extra studio lights.)
It will include; Umbrellas, light stand, cable and lights with protective cover.
– Don’t charge whilst shooting!

Bowens Travel PackBowens 500/500

Shooting on location. 


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