Back To The Start.

Before I started studying photography at Coventry University, I was sent a letter in the post detailing the tasks we had to complete during the summer, ready to hand in the first week.

We were given a practical photography task with a theme and a reason behind the images. This was all new to me, as during my previous course for A Level we had no reasons behind our photography, we just took photos that were aesthetically pleasing. I had never produced images to change opinions, raise awareness or to take someone on a visual journey or to story tell. I knew once I had received this letter that all this was going to change, I didn’t really know how much I would learn and grow in just one year, the images taken I am not particularly proud of, but it shows my journey and how far I have come in 8 months.

As I had never used a DSLR before starting Uni, the images were taken on my compact Nikon Coolpix.

The brief stated, I was to imagine that the person closest to me had one day got up and left, leaving everything behind. I decided to document my sister leaving home. She left to go to uni two years before me, I found this change really difficult as we’re so close, so I chose to document her room and belongings as if she’d first left. She is the untidiest person I know, and she would always leave her room in a mess like she was still living there, with her bed unmade, clothes and belongings she didn’t want to pack thrown across the floor and draws/cupboards open.

There were constant reminders of her absence all around the house, from her cover draped across the lounge chair, pictures on the wall, her shoes, and how the house always felt so empty and quiet since she had left.

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