Back in Coventry.

This week I returned to my student flat after the Easter break. The only difference was that I was back seven days early, and completely alone in the whole block.

On a normal day, everyone is milling around floor to floor, stereos blasting, guitars playing, the only moments of peace are between 11.30pm-3am where the majority are out at clubs and bars, and from 5am till 8am when the party animals are sleeping ’till lectures start. But this week was different, It was the strangest feeling being alone in a place that is usually so lively, the flat had a gloomy sense to it, it was dark and cold and I found myself slightly anxious.

I had transformed my Nikon D700 into a pinhole camera, by taking off the lens and making a new one covering the camera body with black masking tape, and puncturing a small hole into the tape with a pin (hence calling it pinhole photography) to documented the vacant atmosphere around my flat and the evidence of the people that had left.

The lonely, empty corridors.

Nobody sat at the kitchen table.

The kitchen deserted. Devoid of human presence.

The belongings left from the absent residents.

The only time the draining board was clean, was when everybody had left.



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