Lois Greenfield.

Lois Greenfield is a very talented Dance photographer made famous for her ability to perfectly capture her choreographed movement combined with her artistic approach. She has worked with the likes of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Martha Graham Dance Company and Merce Cunningham Dance Company (some of the most prestigious companies created by the early pioneers of modern dance.)

I was greatly inspired when looking through portfolios of her work; ‘Breaking Bounds’ and ‘Airborne.’

© 1995 Lois Greenfield

Margie Gillis

“The force of Margie’s legs thrown into the air sent her dress all the way to the other side, giving the illusion that the dress was solid and was supporting her one-armed handstand.”


© 1994 Lois Greenfield

Kathy Buccellato, Rika Okamoto, Camille M Brown MARTHA GRAHAM DANCE COMPANY

“We photographed this improvisational moment after a session shooting repertory. We recombined signature movements from Graham dances to make it look like a multiple exposure of one jump seen at three points.”


© 1988 Lois Greenfield

Daniel Ezralow & Ashley Roland

“This moment could never be repeated, not even by Danny and Ashley themselves. Like many of my pictures, this is a uniquely photographic event. It only exists for a 500th of a second.”


© 1986 Lois Greenfield

David Parsons

“I love impossible looking situations that allude to the moments before and after the shutter’s click. I want the viewer to wonder, “Where is he coming from? How will he land?”

 For more of her work, visit: http://www.loisgreenfield.com/index.html 


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