It seems at the moment fake is bigger than ever. Natural beauty is out and in comes false; tan, eyelashes, hair and nails.

Are we really making ourselves look better with all the fakery? At what point should we stop applying products to our face, and realize we’ve gone too far?

I decided to do an experiment on myself, as I am not really a fan when it comes to make-up, I believe less is always more. I wanted to see if applying all these beauty products would make me look better or worse.

During the photoshoot layering all the products on my face made me feel dirty, my eyes were red and sore from all the eyeliner, shadow and two pairs of thick eyelashes. I wanted to wash it all off instantly and be back to my normal self again, it didn’t feel like me behind the mask I had created.

Why are we doing this to ourselves girls? If you’re addicted to covering up and want to embrace your natural beauty, you could try using one less product every few days, for example; starting with ditching the fake tan, then the foundation, and then when you’re coming to feel comfortable in your own skin, start again with losing one less eye make-up product. Or if you’re feeling extra confident, try going out of the house without any make-up for a day, it will do wonders for your skin, and your pockets, as makeup is not cheap.


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