Final Artifact.

I have decided to present my final ideas for assignment 1 in a magazine article. My audience member is Ella. Ella is a 24 year old nursery worker from Leicester; she enjoys glossy monthly and weekly magazines.

I want to reach out to someone like Ella who would read these glossy beauty magazines, and be enticed by new products and airbrushed adverts. I based my article’s structure on popular women’s monthly magazine ‘Glamour’ to get Ella’s attention. My magazine is almost making fun of similar articles in Glamour, showing how to change yourself to get a different look, but obviously I am changing myself drastically to shock people like Ella, and make her think about the manipulation of the magazines she reads along with the beauty industry, encouraging her to buy the products they are paid to advertise in their beauty tutorials.

Link to Glamour Beauty ‘Get the look. ‘

Ella is 24 years old so will be a digital native. She will understand that all images in magazines will be tampered with through clever lighting, and post production programmes like Photoshop. Airbrushing has a positive effect on the subject, making a person’s skin look clear and flawless, and usually accompanying an advert for a new foundation.

I airbrushed my final outcome image, but in a negative way. I made my skin look patchy and enhanced the colour of the fake tan I had applied, again making fun of the beauty industry and their over editing of images.


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