Mac Make-up

In 2007 Mattell teamed up with Mac Cosmetics to create a new make-up line. This included the famous Barbie pink lipsticks, eyeshadow and instructions on the website showing how to recreate the doll’s look.The promotion included airbrushed models who sported the look, with their flawless skin and sparkly eyes.

Plastic fantastic.

Who needs individuality and natural beauty, when looking like a Barbie is easier than ever with this professional Mac make-up kit.

Furthering my research I found images of teenage girls who had bought the make-up set and tried to make themselves look like the airbrushed girls in the adverts.

I wasn’t surprised to see the amount of girls posting photos of themselves copying look, it just goes to show the effect Barbie is having on girls, it’s almost like we’re obsessed!

For my next idea, I want to create series of self portraits transforming myself into a human Barbie doll through make-up, hair and photoshopping.


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