Shooting Through Ideas.

I have a few ideas for assignment one, firstly I am looking at the effects playing with Barbie as a child has on us. In our society, we as women are constantly trying to change ourselves to live up to this image of perfection that was given to us as young girls.

We spend hours in front of the mirror, ‘dressing to impress’ changing ourselves and masking our natural beauty. I do it, we all do it, but it’s only now I am realising how vain we all are in our culture. Can we really blame Barbie, or is it just the beauty industry targeting us and our insecurities.

Vanity. Jenny Swerdlow 

Should I really be spending up to two hours in front of the mirror before a night out? I know I’m not the only one who does it, it’s normal for most women. I came to realise how many different beauty products I owned yesterday, when I woke up to a messy counter full of make-up and hair products thrown around in a hurry to get ready last night.

We don’t want to be treated like a piece of meat on a night out, but let’s face its girls; we are dressing ourselves up to look like one.

I decided this would be a theme to delve into with my photography. I made a dress out of raw meat for my Barbie, put her on a little lilac plastic bed, and sat her amongst the clutter of make-up and hair products I owned.


I had another idea for my doll, putting her onto a plate on my dining table, offering her as a piece of meat. After seeing this image, would you really want your children to be playing with these dolls, or is it just harmless fun?


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