As a child growing up, I had many dolls of my own and so did almost every little girl I knew, we would spend hours brushing their hair, admiring their beautiful faces, and planning another fairytale wedding to Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.

Statistics show; two Barbie’s are sold every minute somewhere in the world, and the average American girl age 3-11 owns 10.

The more time a child will spend with something, the more likely it will have an impact on it. But does Barbie really have an impact on teenagers and adults who have long grown out of the doll obsession?

Cindy Jackson born in 1956 in America was given her first Barbie doll at the age of 6. This is where her obsession began and as she grew older she aspired to become a human Barbie.

She has had 52 cosmetic procedures. Some were full-scale operations and included several facelifts, two nose operations, two eye lifts, knee, waist, abdomen and thigh liposuction. Jaw surgery, lip and cheek implants, chemical peels and chin bone reduction. Others were non-surgical, including Radiesse injections, hand rejuvenation, Voluma treatments and permanent make-up.

It’s not just Cindy Jackson obsessing over their body image; many other celebrities resemble the famous plastic face from our childhood. Reality TV star Heidi Montag, endured 10 procedures in 1 day, she revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.

Her reasons for undergoing this drastic surgery was that; as a child she was bullied, and insecure, her ultimate dream was to become a pop star, and the only way she felt she could make it, was to change her appearance.

“Obviously, looks matter; it’s a superficial industry.” Montag

Katie Price is another example of an adult still living with a fairy-tale obsession, and never seems to be happy in her own skin, changing her face and breast size almost as often as her shoes. Her fame and fortune has cost her the ultimate price, and is feeding her addiction to cosmetic surgery.

Living the Barbie fairytale? Price’s wedding to Peter Andre in 2005. They divorced in 2009…

I believe that girls playing with Barbie and watching Disney films, is having a detrimental effect on them growing up as they are constantly being exposed to images of ‘perfection.’

In 1965 Mattel came out with a ‘Slumber Party Barbie’ that came complete with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 pounds. The doll also came with a book entitled ‘How to Lose Weight’. And inside this book it gave the advice: ‘don’t eat’.

After receiving many complaints, in the year 2000 Mattel changed the Barbie to a more ‘natural’ figure, less busty with bigger hips. But for most, the damage has already been done.


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