The Saturdays; Sexual Objectification.

Would the Saturdays be such a popular band, and sell as many records as they do if they weren’t young and attractive? Would this song have done well in the charts if the girls weren’t half naked in lingerie?

In this the video they are seen to be baking cakes, cleaning, pampering themselves at the salon, doing the washing, being useless at handy work/DIY, sewing, sleeping, prancing around in lingerie and suspenders while their husbands are busy at work. I find this video sexist and degrading towards women, I am almost offended by the stereotypical gestures and actions.

Everything about this video I hate, they are conforming to the stereotypes of women that we are so desperate to get rid of, women these days want equal rights to men, to be powerful, independent and most importantly to not be seen as a sexual object.  They Saturdays and most other girls bands /artists are going completely against this, selling themselves as sexual objects, and sending out the message to women that its ok to do this, because lets face it; sex sells.

Most of the comments on the video are discussing the women and their appearances, some of the comments had been removed due to explicit content, only a few people were discussing how they disliked the song and how they had ruined the original. Very few picked up on the fact video was sexist and degrading. Scrolling down pages of comments I struggled to find people who like the song, but still the video had 5 million views. Some even reffered to the video being porn.


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