Research; Pin Up Girls.

I live in student halls with 8 boys and 8 girls, all from around the country ages 18/19.

Each person has customised their own bedrooms with pictures of friends and posters. It came to my attention that half of the boys had large posters of  half-naked women, or beautiful celebrities on their walls, whereas two out of eight girls had one headshot picture of a celebrity male on their wall, concluding that the boys objectify women more than the girls.

I decided to ask the girls in the flat how they would feel if they were in relationships with these boys about seeing pictures of beautiful naked girls on their boyfriend’s wall?

Some admitted that the girls in the posters intimidated them, and contributed to their body insecurities, or that their boyfriend would find these women more attractive than themselves. Others said that it was just boys’ fantasy, that the models are heavily airbrushed, have plastic surgery, and that they could dream on.


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