My Response.

After researching into Google Street view I decided to gather some images of my own. I took virtual journeys to my High school, College and town where I live. It soon became clear the truth that street view reveals.

Businesses filter the information on their websites, but now with Street View we can find restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, any place with an address to see for ourselves, unbiased and unedited.

J2 nightclub Bolton. Link to website:

Google Street View images.

The company portrays the outside of the club to be like a VIP experience with a red carpet, whereas the street view shows the club to be down a back alley in what appears to be an unnatracive old factory building.

You wouldn’t mind buying a wig from Dimples Bolton? Website link:

Would you now?

Diamonds lap dancing nightclub Bolton. Web link:

The website reads:

If you want a nice relaxed night out surrounded by gorgeous and sexy girls and have a safe and enjoyable night out, Diamonds is the place for you.

Diamonds Lap Dancing Club offers pole dancing whilst you enjoy a nice refreshing drink in our bar area as well as fully nude lap dancing and private dancing.

Take your pick from our large variety of girls then put yourself in the loving and capable hands of our girls, they will whisk you away for your very own private dance, and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed and will remember the experience for a long time to come.


Google maps.

On the other hand these businesses could be state of the art inside, and their website could be more truthful to the company than just looking at the outside building. The viewers of street view could be wrongly judging on appearances.

Depending on the amount of people who use Google to check out places and locations, it could be a worry for businesses. If their shop or club is in a dodgy area or if they haven’t monitored the upkeep of the outside building, they could be losing potential customers who judge on the building exterior.


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