Christmas Eve.

 Each year my family friends and I get together for Christmas Eve. Much has changed since we were children, we used to sit at the bedroom window, eager to catch glimpse of Santa’s sleigh in the sky, and listen out for bells and the clatter of reindeer on the roof. Now we’re older, things are different, but we’re the same people we were back then, we still play games, laugh and have fun the way we always did, without running around playing blind man’s buff!

At first problems arose when trying to document my night, I wanted to capture natural moments without drawing attention to myself. My camera is basic and slow, so when pressing the shutter, a few seconds later it releases, producing a bright flash, missing the moment and resulting in people being aware I was trying to photograph them. I then tried turning the flash off, but it still generated a red light sensor, and as my subjects moved, the image would blur.

My next idea involved filming parts of the night. Although the quality of the images isn’t great, I was able to capture natural and comical moments, as my family and friends were unaware they were being filmed.


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