Take Me Home.

The ups and downs of the last few months had finally taken its toll on me. The term officially finishes next Friday, but I felt the time had come for me to get back home, to my family and friends. Being at university is surreal, like my life constantly being on fast forward.

It was a strange feeling to be in a car again for a long journey, living in the city, there is no need to take any forms of transport. I don’t usually enjoy sitting in the car, I normally find it extremely tedious, constantly checking the clock and my mobile phone. But this journey was different. It was nice to be in a calm environment, to be able to chill out, listen to music, and have space and time to think. My eyes were drawn to the blur of the cars whizzing past at high speeds, the splashes of rain striking the windscreen, constant calming movement of the wipers. 


One thought on “Take Me Home.

  1. This is an excellent narrative – absolutely reflects your moods and transfers well to what I experience on long journeys, too. I tend to use my vision to deliberately blur the surroundings to depict a surrealistic world that I enjoy seeing.

    Some of the light streaks look like beings from another universe!

    – Chris

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