Stereotypes in the media.

There are so many television programmes around at the moment following certain groups of people and their everyday lives.

The Only Way is Essex, documents the lives of twenty something bimbo girls with plastic chests and faces, and men who pluck their eyebrows and go for regular spray tans.

8 American party animals were put into a house together in summer 2009, on the Jersey Shore of New Jersey. The show documented the fall outs, fights, hook ups and partying of the individuals.

The show was copied by the Brits, and the became ‘Geordie Shore.’ The same kind of programme with the same types of people, but set in Newcastle. What I find interesting, is the nationalities and ethnic backgrounds of the characters are all different, but they somehow have the same skin tone of luminous orange, and the girls have thick, long straight dark brown/black hair.

Made in Chelsea is more of a drama show, following the lives a rich and fabulous young group of friends, living in Chelsea. It is supposed to be real life, but it is so unrealistic and dramatic, I’m certain it’s scripted, and scenarios are created for entertainment.

After researching into the stereotypes in the media, I wanted to turn Louisa into a ‘Chelsea girl.’ I took inspiration from the character Millie (above) by her make up and clothing. After the photoshoot, looking back at the photos, we realized Louisa and Millie look quite alike!


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