Our society is one where we are constantly judging one another by
appearances. Whether it is meant in a harmful way or not, we are all guilty.
What I find interesting are the labels we have created for individuals, mostly
youths. This is portrayed in many films and television programmes. I first noticed it in my secondary school, groups forming by people’s ‘social status’ wether someone was popular, geeky, or just classed as a ‘weirdo’ they would have seperate places they would hang out on the yard, the ‘geeks’ would be seated at the front of the class and the school bus, and the cooler you were determined on how far back you were able to sit, until some older kid would make threats on their terretory.

Breaking the mould

Programmes like ‘Skins’ on e4 breaks the sterotype rule, the characters are all so different, but they somehow find themselves being pushed together, helping each other through the loneliness felt when starting college not knowing anybody.

Looking at sterotypes, Is it all just how a person does their hair/make-up or down to the clothes they wear and where they live? Or is it a state of mind? I believe a labels don’t define who a person is, I am in conflict with this social structure. Mostly it can be the pressures within society to adjust to fit in with the nearest crowd.
I want to explore this idea in my photography, trying to get people to think before casting a label onto somebody due to first impressions.


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