Encountering culture.

What is a Chav?

Initially it stood for; Council House And Violent. But these days the people we associate this label with don’t live in a council house and are not necessarily violent.

We usually class these people by the way they dress, generalising them to have rude manners towards others in public, and their stereotypically ‘common’ accents. The only problem with judging others, is that we often choose to avoid certain people who dress in this way, who may be just like us, and the opposite of this stereotype.

As part of my Photography project, I decided to dress up my subject as a ‘Chav’ and to take her around the council estates of Coventry to see what the outcome would be.

We ran into a couple of the residents, and children playing football in the street. At first we were a little frightened and wary, but all the people we came across were very friendly, and they were happy to let me photograph them, they even asked if I was returning to show them the photographs. I am ashamed of judging these people by their looks and where they live, as they went completely against the label stereotype I cast them into.


One thought on “‘Chavs’

  1. I can’t ‘relate’ to any of it as I’ve never lived anywhere with a backdrop remotely like that, and the backdrop is definitive. The girl in the football top with the floral leggings is very pretty. It’s unfortunate that I can make an educated guess at how her whole life pans out. At least she was once gorgeous. I suppose that’s something.

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