Peaceful Protest. St Paul’s Cathedral.

Earlier this week I travelled down to London to the Tate museum. After my visit, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take some photographs around London.  I headed over the millennium bridge to stumble across dozens of tents pitched up around St Paul’s cathedral. I was puzzled and surprised as to what was going on, I started wandering around, reading signs, posters and billboards, they all seemed to be saying different things, some about the outrage of the banks, poverty, wars and people following the green party.

After wondering what was going on I decided to speak to a protester. He made sure that I wasn’t from the press before speaking to me and I made it clear that I was a student. He told me that all different people had come down to London to protest about how the country is being run, to help make changes and raise awareness. So many groups are online discussing issues and problems, but not getting anywhere; these people are actively discussing these things instead and trying to make a change. He didn’t actually go into why he was there or what he was protesting about, but he mentioned that he’d been camped outside St Paul’s cathedral for nine days and he’d quit his job.


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